Sunday, April 7, 2013

Migration Is Here!!!

Hi all,

Since it has been so long since my last blog post, this will just be catch up. First, I want to thanks Judy Staberow, Susan Szeszol, and Ted Wolff for helping me in these past weeks. Here is a list of my yearbirds, with some photos of them, since my last post.

118. Red Crossbill (thanks Judy)
119. Green-winged Teal
120. Tree Swallow
121. Ring-necked Pheasant

122. Common Loon (Pictures aren't of the bird that was my yearbird)

123. Rusty Blackbird (Same as the Loon)

124. Great Egret
125. Osprey
126. Eastern Towhee
127. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
128. Vesper Sparrow

129. Eurasian Collared-Dove (thanks Susan)

130. Caspian Tern
131. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
132. Hermit Thrush
133. Northern Rough-winged Swallow
134. Greater Yellowlegs
135. Lesser Yellowlegs
136. Barn Swallow

And that is where I stand so far. Migration is picking up quickly! I got 8 yearbirds this weekend, and those numbers will only get larger. Here are some miscellaneous things from the past few weeks:

Massive Sandhill Crane movements over McGinnis Slough of 5000+ birds

The overwintering Red-shouldered Hawk at Douglas Park cooperated for photos
A Sharp-shinned Hawk decided our backyard would make a great restaurant

 An American Woodcock gave the BEST photo ops anybody could wish for

My brother and I decided we wanted to chase a Spotted Redshank in Indiana. I messaged Ted Wolff and he graciously accepted my request! Ted to the rescue, again! We also picked up Landon Neumann on the way. (ABA #601)

The giant crowd watching the Redshank
Landon spotted some Black Vultures on the way home

While at Montrose, we had some Monk Parakeets. I would not expect to get them there.
Some cooperative birds at Montrose yesterday (Robin, Flicker, GC Kinglet)

Today, Montrose was filled with Short-eared Owls but only one cooperated well for good photos

That is all! Sorry for the lack of recent updates. I will try to do posts the day of my birding trips now to avoid something like this happening again, so expect more frequent posts!

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