Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras Birding

Hi all,

After school today, I was able to go birding. Luis Munoz found a Ross's Goose at Montrose, which is a heck of a tough bird in Cook County, so, naturally, we rushed over there right after school. The second we drove up, it was standing there in some Canada Geese. Sometimes I wish I could have a bit of suspense in searching for a bird, but I am not complaining.

97. Ross's Goose

Before I begin my next story, I must say something. This might sound rude, but I want to be as straightforward as possible. I will NOT tell anyone the location of this owl. I will NOT respond to any inquiries I get about its location. DO NOT waste your time messaging me. Ok, now that is out of the way. I hope nobody hates me now ;). I got intel about the location of a Northern Saw-whet Owl in Cook County. We chased it after the Ross's Goose. We were only able to find this bundle of cuteness because of the copious amounts of whitewash and pellets under its roost. When we got it, the light was low, so excuse the graininess of my photos as I had to jack my settings up just so I could get an IDable shot of the owl.

98. Northern Saw-whet Owl

So, that is it! Two hard to find birds in one day, I would call that a success.

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